Comfort: enjoy its cozy interior

Discover its inviting interior and generous

Climb aboard Renault TALISMAN with Laurens van den Acker, Industrial Design Director of Renault, and be seduced by its quality interior, spacious and warm.

Let yourself warm welcome

With its hands-free card, Renault Talisman recognizes when approaching and welcomes you. Daytime lights come on, the cabin lights, mirrors unfold and illuminate the floor and finally the lighting activates. Side repeaters emit a light signal when you open the door. The seats resume the last settings you configured while the touch screen welcomes you.Your destination reached, the seat back 50 millimeters to make your exit. You move away, Renault TALISMAN locks automatically. It projects its light signature last time in space before dying gradually.

Enjoy your freedom of movement

Enjoy the space on board. High ceilings, wide center console, seats 'Business Class' at the front ... you get a remarkable freedom of movement on board.You share that sense of space to your rear passengers have a generous distance to the knees and a wide space to sit comfortably.


Enjoy your commute to relax. Its driver seat massage relaxes you instantly with 4 motors programmed to relax until your upper back lower back. Electrically adjustable, it stores up to 6 custom positionsVentilated and heated, it offers an ideal thermal comfort, whatever the outside temperature. In extreme winter temperatures, enable the function heated steering wheel so that it passes from -10 ° C to 35 ° C in the space of 10 minutes.

Get plenty of storage space and a generous space

long-haul traveler, Renault Talisman has a great modularity and numerous practical storage. Keep cold drinks in their smart refrigerated compartment under the armrest *, enjoy the cup holder of the center console, keep the key at hand thanks to its large door pockets ... In all, you have until storage 25L distributed in the cabin.Safe side, you get a large 608L of cargo space. To open? Just spend the foot under the rear bumper. The trunk will open automatically. Easy !* Only available with automatic transmission EDC.

Relax, intelligent air conditioning takes care of you

No more fog! Thanks to its water probe, the Renault Talisman air conditioning system is capable of measuring the indoor humidity level. It works automatically to prevent fogging of your windows and your windscreens.

Breathe the toxicity sensor protects you from pollution

Since the screen of your multimedia system R-Link 2, activate the ventilation system and adjust the ventilation to your liking. A combined filter blocks microparticles such as dust or pollen and prevents the penetration of odor of exhaust fumes in the cockpit.When a pollution peak occurs in a tunnel or behind a polluting vehicle, the ventilation system automatically switches to closed circuit to protect the occupants of your Renault TALISMAN.