Step into the world of Renault TALISMAN

Its features

Relax, you're driving a Renault TALISMAN. Featuring ergonomic seats and a wide range of innovative, high-tech equipment, your new-generation saloon guarantees exceptional comfort. Its generous interior space lets you relax and get away from it all.


Appreciate its calm and elegant interior

Take advantage of the on-board space. Ample headroom in the front and rear, airline business class-style front seats, generous leg room in the rear... The Renault TALISMAN offers you an exceptionally comfortable cabin.
Renault Talisman welcomes you
Come closer, the Renault TALISMAN recognises you. The daytime running lights come on, the cabin lights up, the door mirrors unfold and the ambient lighting comes on. The seats re-apply the most recently configured settings, whilst the driver is welcomed by an audible and visual animation on the touchscreen. Once you reach your destination, the driver seat slides back 5cm to make it easier for you to get out. When you walk away from your Renault TALISMAN, the doors are locked automatically and the lighting signature is activated one final time.


R-LINK 2® multimedia system

Discover the latest in on-board multimedia systems. Seamlessly built into the dashboard, the new, intuitive and connected R-LINK 2® touchscreen tablet lets you manage all of the functions of your Renault TALISMAN.
R-LINK 2®: A new driving experience
Thanks to R-LINK 2®'s simple and fluid interface, you can customise every aspect of your on-board experience using its 8.7” screen. Choose the colour for your control screens, the information shown and the display style. Whether it is the home page, the radio, the navigation system, air conditioning, the seats or the MULTI-SENSE® system, you can configure everything to create your own personal environment. You can save up to six profiles with just one click. You can use the touchscreen or central control to access your own multimedia content, navigation preferences and driver assistance system settings.
Foolproof connectivity
Your Bluetooth-enabled R-LINK 2® multimedia system connects to your smartphone as soon as get in your Renault TALISMAN. Recharge your mobile devices using the USB sockets available in the front and rear. Share your music using the USB sockets in the front, or use the SD card reader or Auxiliary input. For maximum safety, the multimedia system comes with voice control. With the SMS-to-Speech or Text-to-Speech functions, you can keep up with your text messages and e-mails without taking your eyes of the road.
R-LINK® Store
R-LINK® Store offers you apps that have been specifically designed for use in your Renault TALISMAN. You can access them on your R-LINK 2 tablet or your home PC, via your MY Renault space.Benefit from a year-long free access to map updates via R-Link® store and/or my Renault, using a USB dongle.

The image is for illustrative purpose only . Factory loaded apps depending on region. Subsequent apps download requires a local service provider offering connected services.
Innovative features
Take advantage of the numerous features grouped by theme. Click on the "Navigation" icon to find the maps. Listen to music from your mobile device or access your photos and videos by clicking on "Multimedia". Make hands-free calls using Bluetooth® and enable the system's text-to-speech feature in the "Telephone" section. Change the settings and configure your driver assistance systems in the "Vehicle" section. Finally, follow the "Applications" icon to access application management settings.


Driven by technology

Enjoy life on-board Renault TALISMAN. The car comes with the latest technological innovations, offering you unrivalled well-being.
Parallel parking? Let the Easy Park Assist Pack take control of the steering wheel. It measures the available space and works out your line of approach. All you have to do is manage the accelerator, brakes and gears. With front, rear and side sensors plus a rear-view camera, you have all-round, 360° protection against impacts with obstacles and other vehicles.


Take a co-pilot with you

Relax. Rest assured, Renault TALISMAN protects you.
Renault TALISMAN, awarded 5 stars in the 2015 EURONCAP test
Based on evaluation of the vehicle in four areas – adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, pedestrian protection and safety assist technologies – the EURONCAP test is the benchmark for vehicle safety in Europe The Renault TALISMAN has been awarded 5 stars – the top rating. Our engineers have designed the best active and passive security equipment for you: airbags, seat belt pre-tensioners, bumpers and bonnet adapted to mitigate pedestrian collisions, highly-developed driving aid and assistance systems. Drive with greater peace of mind!
Blind spot detection system
When you switch on your indicators, the system detects any vehicles entering your blind spot thanks to sensors fitted on each side of the bumpers. Indicator lights on the door mirrors of your Renault TALISMAN warn you of the danger.
Hill start assist
No sweat! To make your life even easier, the Renault TALISMAN comes with a system that prevents you from rolling backward or stalling on hill starts. Once a sensor has detected the angle of the slope, your Renault TALISMAN is held steady for two seconds, leaving you the time to move off smoothly.

The image is for illustrative purpose only. Exterior colour and wheel design need not be the same.
Electric parking brake

Feel reassured with the electric parking brake that engages automatically once the engine is switched off. It can also be engaged/disengaged with the sleek button.