Technological roll

Embedded technologies driving aid

Renault Talisman does more than protect you, it warns you of danger! Because prevention is always better than cure, our security experts have developed driver assistance systems that alert you to avoid accidents. Some even act in your place!- Alert crossing lines (LDW)- Alert safety distance (DW)- Horn blind spot (BSW)- Overspeed Alert (OSP)- Parking assistance front, back and side- Rear view camera (RVC)- Easy Park Assist (EPA)- Automatic route / low beam- Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)- Active emergency braking (AEBS)

Pack Easy Park Assist

A niche ? Let the System Pack Easy Park Assist take control of the wheel. It measures the location and defines the trajectory. You just have to manage the accelerator, braking and speed. Sensors in the front, in the back, on the sides and rear camera: you get a 360-degree protection against impact with obstacles or other vehicles.

Bose® Surround Sound System

Put emotion at the heart of your travels. With Bose® surround sound system, Renault Talisman takes you into a sound universe of exception. Its 13 high-performance loudspeakers distributed in the cockpit, associated with technology Bose centerpoint2®, offer surround sound from stereo sources optimized beam.Your Renault Talisman turns into auditorium and transports you to the heart of a sound quality concert. You live acoustic realism of a moment of live music. Clarity of voice, rich bass and treble depth, every note, every instrument you managed as if it came from a specific location in the scene.

LED Daytime Running Lights and cornering light function

To ensure visibility, our engineers with Renault TALISMAN a lighting system mainly Led: daytime running lights, dipped beam, main beam, position lights, brake lights and turn signals. The precise and intense LED lighting improves your visibility with white light, similar to that of the sun, and power 20% higher than traditional halogen lighting. All for a lower power consumption of 50%, a life cycle much longer, and unique style!Moreover, in dimly lit areas and if you drive less than 40km / h, you get better visibility, thanks to added cornering light with fog lights.

Electrochromic rearview mirror

Get maximum visibility. The electrochromic rearview mirror of your treatment guarantees a perfect visual comfort. It darkens day when the sun is in your rear window, but also at night when the following vehicle you may dazzle you.

Hands-free card

Completely redesigned, the new Renault TALISMAN hands free card offers innovative features. Among them, arms full openness and the ability to enable a host scenario.To start, no need to insert the key. Pressing the brake pedal by pressing the "Start" button is enough. To lock, move away. A beep confirms the closure.Enough to collect your car in parking lots? Your card has a button that allows you to locate your Renault TALISMAN. A packet to drop? Another button lets you open the trunk only. Convenient !