Intuitive and connected tablet R-LINK 2

Great moments available to you
Simplify your route

Packedwith features grouped universe. Just click on the "Navigation" iconto find the TomTom mapping. Thanks to space "Multimedia", you accessyour nomadic music, your photos and your videos *. With the"Telephony", you get hands-free via Bluetooth and reading your SMS bythe system.In the 'Car' area, change your settings and set your driving aids
Finally, the "Applications" icon gives you access to applications or dedicated connected services.
* stopped
R-LINK 2, customizable in every detail

Otherwise experience the road with R-LINK 2. Its simple and fluent interface allows you to control and customize every aspect of your life aboard Renault TALISMAN. Choose the color of your monitors, the notes and the display style to harmonize ambience to your driving style.
Whether the home page, radio, navigation, air conditioning (8.7 inch screen) or the seats and the MULTI-SENSE, you can set everything to create your personal environment. With one click, you sauvergardez up to 6 profiles. Via the touch screen or the center button, anyone can regain its multimedia content, navigational preferences or settings of driver aids.
Enjoy your multimedia world

Equipped with Bluetooth, your R-LINK 2 multimedia system connects to your smartphone when you enter your Renault TALISMAN. Need to enter the numbers of your new contacts; your directory to synchronize automatically.In terms of connectivity, Renault TALISMAN plenty to do. Recharge your mobile devices with USB jacks on the front and rear. Sharing your music content through the USB ports at the front of the SD card port or auxiliary input.
For maximized security, you have the ability to control your entertainment system with voice control. With SMS or to Speech Text to speech function, you become aware of your SMS to your mail without leaving the road ahead. R-LINK 2 makes you play for optimum comfort and safety.
R-LINK Store

With applications available on R-LINK Store, Renault TALISMAN simplifies and enriches your life. Store first automotive application, it offers applications designed specifically for use in your vehicle. You can access them from your R-LINK 2 tablet, or at home, from your computer via your My Space Renault.
Enjoy a year of connectivity offered: free access to the service connected TomTom Traffic updates the mapping Europe ... but also 3 months free access to Coyote Series (depending on country) to be informed in real time course incidents.