MULTI-SENSE: live fully the road

Customize your driving experience with MULTI-SENSE

In Eco mode, the throttle response is adjusted, the gearbox ratios are more fluid with smoother acceleration. Your consumption is significantly reduced. In the Neutral mode, the car offers a natural setting behavior. In Custom mode, you can select and save your own settings with MULTI-SENSE.

Switch to 4-wheel steering with 4CONTROL

Have a tight turning radius with 4CONTROL frame and increase the effect of the steering wheel. The rear wheels of Renault TALISMAN have a steering angle of up to 3.5 °. For the same steering wheel movement, you steer much shorter. The chassis 4CONTROL calculates and adjusts 100 times per second the steering angle of the wheels to guarantee responsiveness and absolute stability. The result is exceptional handling!

Optimal driving comfort thanks to controlled damping

Coupled with 4CONTROL, the damping control adjusts the behavior of the suspension in the driving mode selected in MULTI-SENSE. With a set of sensors, the system continuously analyzes the character of the road,your speed, steering angle and your pressure on the brake pedal. It reacts instantly to deliver the expected effect depending on the mode you have selected. From one extreme to the other, the feeling completely changes everything. In Sport mode, the suspension is strengthened for enhanced handling. In comfort mode, it softens for comfort.

Pilot MULTI-SENSE with ease

Placed within reach on the center console, the specific command MULTI-SENSE allows you to access with one click the dedicated menu on the screen of your R-Link multimedia system. Simply rotate the rotating ring to select a driving mode and click to confirm your choice.

Choose your light atmosphere

Personalize the interior of your Renault TALISMAN, immerse yourself in one of the 5 lighting scenes available. Choose blue, red, green, sepia or purple depending on your preference.You can also assign a color to each MULTI-SENSE Mode or disable this feature.