Renault Talisman, designed for professionals

Professional? Renault Talisman has also been designed for you. Its distinctive design and elegant, its high level of finish, comfort ... everything has been designed for your well-being and that of your passengers.Our engineers with Renault TALISMAN many innovative vehicle technologies. With MULTI-SENSE, you can choose your driving style and customize your atmosphere on board. R-LINK 2, you enjoy the best of multimedia applied to the automotive world.Hit the road with confidence. Renault Talisman also has numerous active and passive safety equipment. His driver assistance (ADAS) of new generation such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Distance Alert Security or HUD, accompany you in all your journeys.Listening to your expectations and needs, our dedicated consultants are at your service to simplify your life and optimize your costs of acquisition and possession. Discover our professional deals.

The serenity with our professional offer all in one

For simplify and gain confidence, discover our professional all in one solution:- TALISMAN for your Renault XX € per month * / VAT- Your Renault TALISMAN insured for X € per month / yearDiscover also accessories and packs Renault TALISMAN specially designed for your professional use. More comfort, more convenience and more security for an all inclusive price and installation performed by our specialists.> Discover the complete range of accessories Renault TALISMANEnjoy our services connected with R-LINK 2.Optimize your organization, your mobility and stay in touch even when you're driving with the many online services we offer you: e-mail, Renault Assistance, TomTom Traffic, Coyote, Fuel Price, Michelin Applications ...* Conditions:The all in one: no deposit, based on an operational lease of X month / year 000 km including registration and the full interviewOptional insurance by the company XX, which covers this and thatCalculated on Renault XFD Version XX, YY motor with ZZZ option [or w / o option] =[Mandatory Terms locally ... "RCI Banque ..."]

Use of cost control

Go for a drive for your needs. You can choose between 4 1.6L turbo engines, two petrol and two Diesel, Diesel and a 1.5L turbo engine. These 5 engines combine performance mastered and simplified service to conduct a 100% pleasure. Simplify your life: enjoy our optimized maintenance program and make everyday economy.> Discover the 5 efficient mororisations Renault TALISMANCompetitive total costOptimize your acquisition costs, ie the purchase price and taxes related to the purchase, but also the cost of detention, ie maintenance costs, calculated consumption function an average mileage over a period of 3 years, insurance, taxes ...You want to make a good choice in terms of consumption, CO2 emission and occupational taxes fleets? Choose Renault 1.5L dCi TALISMAN!- With CO2 emissions of 95g / km, it is in its segment lead.- In terms of consumption also with 3.6L / 100km. *- Concerning the AAA fee, X € a year you still doing an optimal choice with 1.5L dCi Renault TALISMAN.* Legal text according countries.* Legal text according countries.

Maintenance thought for professionals

Enjoy our sense of service and our special offers including for professionals and fleets:- An extended warranty * up to year X and / or XXXX km (1st of 2 terms with) with breakdown assistance / European towing included from XX € per month.> Discover our tariff extended warranty deals- Service agreements for complete peace and control of your budget.-> Contract "Renault" including extended warranty and scheduled maintenance.-> Contract "Renault More" including extended warranty, scheduled maintenance and replacement of wear parts for your Renault TALISMAN.Enjoy reserved services: availability of workshops, skilled teams, followed custom, test certificate tells you the next interventions to achieve, maintain your mobility with the systematic proposal of a replacement vehicle ...> Discover our tariff offers maintenance- Offers body including exclusive benefits that allow you to keep the original quality of your vehicle and enhance your corporate image.-> Simple and quick solutions repair your scratches, scrapes and minor impacts.-> The care of all the formalities with your insurance.> Discover our tariff body deals- Pneumatic offers with our solution for guarding and changing your tires summer / winter.> Discover our tire tariff offers* Renault Talisman is guaranteed XX years + conditions.