Ride safer

New Renault MEGANE: 5 * at the EURONCAP 2015 test

The EURONCAP test assesses vehicle safety in four categories, including protection of children, adults and pedestrians, as well as driver assistance technologies. This is the benchmark test in Europe, obtained by New Renault MEGANE with the maximum rating of 5 *. In order to make your journeys ever safer, our engineers have taken care to equip them with the latest technological advances in the field of embedded safety. With its equipment from the upper range, New Renault MEGANE helps you to better see, better anticipate to be better protected. A true technological focus, so that nothing disrupts your journey.

Be serene

Drive the mind quietly! New Renault MEGANE is equipped with many driving aids. Intuitive and intelligent technologies, they accompany you in all your journeys to guarantee your serenity on a daily basis.

No need for a co-pilot, you have Visio System!

1. Recognition of Signs: the camera analyzes the signaling data (speed, rain, work) and transmits them to the system. If you are driving above the limit speed, you are alerted to the dashboard and the Head-Up Display.2. Line warning: From 70 km / h, a visual and audible signal warns you if you are unintentionally crossing a continuous or discontinuous line. This function allows you to avoid channel exits, especially on monotonic paths.3. Automatic high beam / crossover switching: the lighting of your vehicle automatically adjusts to the situations you encounter without having to intervene. Crossing another vehicle or arriving in a built-up area, the return to the main beam is automatic.

Park in the blink of an eye with the Easy Park Assist Pack

Make your niches a snap thanks to our Easy Park Assist! Thanks to the sensors located at the front, at the back and on the sides of your new Renault MEGANE, you benefit from a 360 ° protection. The system helps you to identify the configuration of the parking space (slot, spike or battle), measure the available location and take care of the maneuver. On your side, you only have to manage the accelerator, braking and shifting.

Broaden your vision with the Blind Spot Alarm

Do not be afraid of blind spots. We equipped New Renault MEGANE with a system that detects the presence of any vehicle engaged in the area that you can not control using your mirrors. Active between 30 and 140km / h, it alerts you immediately with a light signal.

Observe safety distances? Easy!

Keep the correct safety distance with the vehicle ahead of you. New Renault MEGANE has an adaptive cruise control. This technology goes into action between 50km / h and 140km / h in order to adapt your speed. The system therefore acts on the brake when the distance is too low and vice versa on the accelerator when the road is clear again.

Limit risks with active emergency braking

Using a radar located at the front of the vehicle, the active emergency braking system determines the distance that separates you from the vehicle ahead. If there is a risk of collision, you are immediately alerted by visual and audible signals. The system can also take hold and brake in your place to avoid or limit the damage of a possible hang.

See below with full LED lights

Enjoy optimal vision even at night. The white light produced by the full LED technology, close to that of the sun, offers you 20% more powerful light than conventional halogens.

Your hill starts have never been so serene

For even more safety, comfort and serenity, we also equipped your New Renault MEGANE with an assistance system that acts on the brakes to prevent its retreat during a hill start.

Safety of your children with ISOFIX bindings

Thanks to the rear seats equipped with ISOFIX anchor points, you are sure that the seats of your children are well secured.