Opt for quality down to the last detail

New Renault MEGANE, the sense of detail
Our teams have worked to ensure that every piece of equipment, every detail is a reflection of the refinement that we wanted to bring to New Renault MEGANE.Inside and out, the quality is there.
Appreciate its interior finishes ...
Inside the New Renault MEGANE, our designers have paid particular attention to detail. Admire the finesse and discretion of the chrome decorations that dress up its console, its counter, its steering wheel, its multimedia screen and its aerators. Refinement is everywhere, wherever you look.
... the homogeneity of the chosen materials

You feel well? It is not a coincidence. The continuity of the materials used on the instrument panel, the top of the door bands and the console create an atmosphere of quality and well-being on board.

... saddlery with elegant stitching
To make the seats, we chose to use warm and modern materials. You can choose from 5 levels of upholstery, including a massage seat for the driver. Our know-how is present in every seam. Our goal: to offer you high quality.
... and its refined leather steering wheel.
You appreciate the touch of the New Renault MEGANE steering wheel in your hands? There, too, it is not by chance. The Nappa leather that covers it, soft, smooth and resistant, is used to make our best flywheels. You will not let go!