Step into the world of the Renault KADJAR

Its Features


Drive with complete peace of mind

Drive in a relaxed frame of mind. Renault KADJAR comes equipped with innovative safety systems, offering you a safer, more relaxing driving experience.
Technology at the service of security

You facilitate the operation, make it more serene, safer, more fluid, is one of the tasks that we set ourselves with Renault Kadjar. Through its driver assistance systems, take the safe route. Adjust your speed, control your trajectory, check your blind spots or park easily: the road has never been easier than with Renault Kadjar.
Easy Park Assist
Parallel parking has never been so easy as with Hands Free Parking. The system assess the available space and works out your line of approach. It takes full control of the steering during parking manoeuvres. In addition, the front, rear and side parking assist warns you if there any obstacles in your way using the rear-view camera and sensors, providing you with 360° protection.
Active Emergency Braking System
The system alerts the driver when it detects the risk of a collision with the vehicle in front. If you do not react, the active emergency braking system is automatically triggered to avoid or limit the impact of collision.
Traffic sign recognition with speed alert
Adapt your driving according to the road traffic data collected by the camera. If you exceed the speed limit, a visual alert is displayed on the dashboard and the system suggests the speed indicated on the sign as the default value for the speed limit.
Blind spot warning
If a vehicle moves into your blind spot, you are alerted by way of a visual signal on the wing mirrors.
Lane departure warning
At speeds of over 70 km/h, this system warns you if the vehicle unintentionally crosses a continuous or broken lane marking. This facility enhances safety by warning you that the vehicle is at risk of leaving the road.


Space for everything

Offering spaciousness, intelligent modularity and storage capacity, the Renault KADJAR offers a wealth of qualities. To push the boundaries, it includes the "one touch", easy folding system, which features a 60:40 split rear seat.



Faced with changing driving conditions? Turn the selector knob, switch to Four-Wheel Drive mode and your crossover safely transports you into landscapes that will take your breath away.
3 modes available:
2WD fashion,The car operates in two-wheel drive on the front wheels. In normal driving conditions, this mode maximizes fuel economy.

Auto modeThe torque is usually transmitted to the front wheels in normal driving conditions. If there is a loss of traction, up to 50% of the torque is transferred to the rear axle. 

Lock modeTorque is split 50/50 between the front and rear wheels and up to 25mph on surfaces such as sand, mud or snow, to increase grip levels on loose ground.


Enjoy the best in on-board multimedia

Enjoy fingertip control of your vehicle. The user-friendly R-LINK 2 multimedia system delivers an enhanced driving experience. Its large touch screen provides excellent user comfort. Slide the icons, scroll up/down to read information, zoom in for more details... It's up to you!
Create your R-LINK 2
Enjoy a new driving experience with R-LINK2. You can configure up to six user profiles. In a tap, you can find your navigation preferences, your multimedia content or your driver assistance settings.
Stay connected
Discover a full menu of features grouped by theme. Click on the "Navigation" icon to find TomTom maps. Enjoy music from your mobile device or access your photos and videos * thanks to the "Multimedia" space. With the "Telephone" section, take advantage of the Bluetooth-enabled hands-free feature and the text-to-speech feature. In the "Vehicle" space, change the settings and configure your driver support systems. Lastly, using the "Applications" icon, access Renault R-LINK Store. USB ports, one jack socket, and two 12-volt sockets.

* When vehicle is stationary