ABS with EBA

Combined with the ABS which prevents the wheels from locking, EBA (Emergency Brake Assist) helps keep the trajectory control during braking and optimizes stopping distances.

Side & Front Airbags

Depending on version

Isofix System

Isofix system for children with two rear seats and the option to install a universal child seat in the middle seat.
Speed ​​limiter

The limiter allows the driver to set a maximum speed which he does not wish to exceed and thus ride safely and peacefully. The speed is controlled via a control on the steering wheel. The controller simplifies driving by maintaining a constant speed without pressing the accelerator pedal.
Eco Mode
Activated by the push of a button to the left of the steering wheel, this mode helps to reduce fuel consumption and to reduce CO2 emissions:up to 10% depending on driving style and motorists. Optimizing the performance of the vehicle, it changes the behavior of the accelerator pedal, optimizes the power and torque of the motor and limits certain features such as air conditioning and heating.
ESC (Electronic Stability Control) or Electronic Stability is an active safety Stability to improve the trajectory control of a motor vehicle.