Innovations that make your driving easier

R-LINK 2: the touch tablet to manage everything

Simply use a single interface to manage all the features of New Renault KOLEOS. With its large 8.7-inch (22 cm) vertical display, the R-LINK 2 touchscreen and connected tablet lets you browse, listen to the radio, launch applications and more.

Benefit from state-of-the-art technology

For you, New Renault KOLEOS reinvents everything, up to your way of driving. Integrated intuitively, its driver assistance technologies simplify the road. Keeping your distance, adapting lighting, braking in an emergency, and even parking, has never been easier.

Visio System: your next generation co-pilot

Thanks to Visio System, you benefit from the best of assistive technologies. Equipped with a camera located at the top of your windshield and a technology capable of analyzing the data, this innovative system alerts you via 3 devices:- Overspeed warning with recognition of traffic signs- Line crossing alert- Automatic switching of the high beams and crossovers which adapts your lighting according to the situation.

Easy Park Assist, let your car maneuver

Realize your slots in no time at all. Thanks to the front, rear, side and rear-view sensors, the Easy Park Assist system identifies the parking space configuration, measures the available location and manages the vehicle. All you have to do is manage the throttle, the brakes and the speeds.

Safety Warning Alert and Active Emergency Braking: Technologies for a Safer Road ...

Thanks to a radar located at the front, you are warned if you do not respect a sufficient distance with the vehicle that precedes you. If the system detects a risk of collision and you do not react fast enough, the active emergency brake will take over and start braking.

Hill Start Help: Be Serene!

Do not be afraid of sharp starts! We have equipped New Renault KOLEOS with a technology capable of calculatingthe inclination of the road and acting on the brakes to give you time to start serenely.

Blind spot alert: enlarge your vision!

Change the lane safely: With the blind spot warning system, you are sure that no obstacle will interfere with your trajectory.Thanks to a sensor located in your rearview mirror, New Renault KOLEOS detects the presence of a vehicle engaged in your blind spot and warns you by a light signal in your rear-view mirror.

Fatigue detection alert: Renault watches over you!

To avoid the risk of falling asleep at the wheel, our engineers have developed a new technology capable of detecting an imprecise trajectory. If a risk of drowsiness is suspected, you are immediately alerted by a buzzer.

Motorized Hands-Free Tailgate

Thanks to a sensor under the bumper, a simple movement of the foot allows you to access the trunk easily. Practical when you have your arms loaded!

Remote Engine Start

Program the temperature of your cabin before entering it thanks to the automatic remote control of air conditioning. If it is cold, you can activate the heated steering wheel, the heated or ventilated front seats and even the heated rear seats for your passengers.