Dokker Van is suitable for all your loading and accessibility needs. To allow you to load all your items, Dokker Van features a sliding side door that provides an opening of 703 mm; the widest opening in the market. In addition, its very practical asymmetric rear doors have an opening width of 1.08 meters. Have an open mind; Dokker is a great partner!


Capacity and load volume are critical to you? Renault has understood and seen great with Dokker Van. A payload of 600 kg, a payload capacity of up to 3.9 m3 (depending on options), a loading height of up to 1.27m ...
Dokker Van has fully integrated your professional expectations.


Faithful to the values ​​of Renault Dokker Van is a robust and reliable vehicle. Manufacture, such as mechanical parts which compose it, have been subjected to the most rigorous testing, according to a specification very demanding loads suitable for commercial vehicles.

SO 1.9 million km were traveled, Including pay adapter brakes and suspensions The ALL types OF routes and all conditions Climate. Its engines, have proven their reliability over many years. All en-Circumstances, You can Count on Your Dokker Van.


Dokker propose Two Gasoline and Diesel spond to All Needs Drivers.