In 2006, 10% of 783,764 occupational accidents in France came on the road. Road safety is a human issue, financial and legal for major companies. This is both a matter of responsibility and economic performance. To help you meet these challenges, Renault based on a holistic approach to security, taking into account technical, ergonomics but also the behavior of the driver. This approach is built around the following four axes.

Prevent: Renault develops technologies to help drivers anticipate risk and focus on driving.

Edit: to correct misbehavior, Renault is developing equipment under difficult or dangerous conditions, helping the driver avoid an accident.

Protect: The objective of Renault crash is to minimize the impact on the driver and passengers.

Awareness: the human factor is essential for road safety. Renault offers education campaigns and awareness of your employees.

Thus, to make your travel and those of your employees safer, Renault offers: 

• one of the safest ranges on the market through the development of efficient and complementary technologies 

• advice and safety training specially adapted to business travel.