The 2011 season opens a whole new chapter in Renault's commitment to Formula 1. In deciding to equip three teams, Renault revives his heart craft engine.

Renault Sport F1 is the new identity of the division in charge of this commitment.

It focuses its activities in Viry-Chatillon, the historic F1 technical basis of diamond brand, website design, development and testing of engines for over thirty years.

Three teams - Red Bull Racing-Renault, Lotus Renault GP and Team Lotus - are equipped with the same engine supplied by Renault Sport F1. A team of six engineers and engine technicians will be assigned to each team in each round of the world championship.

In total, nearly 250 people working at Renault Sport F1 on current and future engines and contribute to the Formula 1 showcase the excellence quality of the company.

This year, they are in fact three teams in the paddock, or 25% of the plateau, which chose the Renault engine to power their cars. The Bull 2010 world champion engine team and Red Racing Renault team with which Renault has won the last championship, as well as Lotus Renault GP, double World Champion in 2005 and 2006 as the Renault F1 Team and Team Lotus, the best among the new teams in 2010.

The same engine will be made available to its partner teams. It will also make available to each of them a separate team of six engineers and technicians engine. This is indeed the ability to adapt to stress, culture and environment of each partner who has contributed to the success of Renault engines throughout its history in F1, rich date of 9 championship titles Constructors World titles and eight World Championship of Drivers.

Renault also reaffirms, by renewing its commitment to F1, the importance of this event for the brand. In addition to being a wonderful means of international repute, the queen of motorsport discipline is a laboratory for new technologies. It will be even more with the introduction of the new engine regulations in 2014.


Red Bull Racing has become one of the most high-profile teams and achieved the most success in such a short time among all the teams in the F1 championship. In just six years, the team has won two world championships, drivers and manufacturers and has gained a reputation for excellence, technical creativity and commitment.

The success story began in November 2004 when Red Bull purchased the assets of Jaguar Racing, getting the keys to the factory in the "Motorsport Valley" in the UK, a core employees and the first sketches of the car that would become RB1.

Off-piste, the Austrian brand adopts a communication strategy that will become his trademark. Today, huge motorhomes are integral to the decor. In 2005, they gave the impression of spacecraft that have landed in the paddock.

Red Bull Racing is riding his first podium in 2006, with David Coulthard on the streets of Monte Carlo. The technical team off piste Red Bull was growing. Engineers and famous designers have been recruited, including Adrian Newey. The new technical director has a reputation for innovation and five constructors' championship titles can attest.

This partnership has experienced its first victory in 2009 at the Chinese Grand Prix and has always move forward.